Thursday, September 13, 2007

An experience to Remember - 2nd Monthly Meeting, May

I just remembered posting this in my friendster blog. Thought It might be good to post it here too.

Here it is.

Well, yesterday we 'just had our last monthly community meeting, and guess what?.. just had an experience, that I do believe is worth sharing. (Well, at least for those who would really be interested in reading shared stories. :))

This morning, just after we had our morning break, a Carmelite Brother, who happens to be visiting our community, asked us if he could share to us, to as little as 15 minutes some of his experiences as a Carmelite Brother. Well, privileged as we are,our community President agreed.  Thus, this is where the sharing begins.

His name is Bro. Dominic Escorpizo, OCD (I really do not know how to spell his name, so if anyone reading this thinks I'm wrong, just e-mail me so that I could make the necessary corrections. :)) and he belongs to the (well, he himself said it) the group of endangered species (joking.... he's a Carmelite Brother... now a days for most seminarians, the reason why they entered seminary is because they wanted to be a Priest. Well for him he's a brother, (counter part of nuns, at least in a sense...) and for OCD Philippines, there are only 7 of them remaining.)

To make the story short, Bro. Dominic shared his life for about 15-20 mins, frankly there was really nothing unusual about the things that he shared to us. Well, at least for me... What cached my attention though was the fact that as he shares his experience as a Carmelite Brother, one could easily notice that most of us present and listening to him were teary eyed.  His wonderful experience with God was one reason, but for me, it's because of his simplicity and God's presence in Him that really struck me so hard.

For really, it will not be very hard to see and feel this. For the feeling of a "something that is moving" when ever he speaks was so strong that you'll never be able to deny it.  A feeling that would definitely move a person, not because he was a good speaker nor because of the story that he was telling, but merely because of a presence, a presence so powerful that though one could not really see it, you'll be able to feel it coming at you, a presence so intense that the only thing I could do and think off at that time was how privileged a man he was, for what God has just given him....

Truly God is present in every one... He's always with us, just as He promised.

The question now that comes to my mind though,is if God's presence can also be felt by others when I'm with them?

The answer... I'm not really sure...

What about you?......

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Anonymous said...

Peace! While searching the internet for the lyrics of a religious song, I've found your blog. I'm touched while reading this article of yours. I remember my God experience as well when I'm still in the postulancy. Like you, I've come to meet Bro. Dominic as well. By the way, FYI, he also have prostate cancer. Keep up the good work my dear brother in Carmel and let's remember each other in our humble prayers. If you have time, you may also visit my humble blog at Take care and may the good Lord continuesouly bless and give you peace which this world cannot give.

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