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Part II Dignity of the Human Person

Human dignity as defined by wikipedia, is an expression that can be used as a moral concept or as a "Legal term". Sometimes it means no more than that; human beings should not be treated as Objects. Beyond this, it is meant to convey an idea of absolute and inherent worth that does not need to be acquired and cannot be lost or sold.

The society that we live in

In a society where most people are always oblivious to progress and be elevated above the rest, there are times, that out of neglect, we tend to over look that out of disregard to possible consequences of our actions, chances are we can step on the toes of others who are far more less privilege than us, without us even noticing and totally not even knowing it.

In a third world capitalist country like ours, there is always this tendency for the rich to become richer and the poor becoming poorer, since most of the time, only the rich and powerful has the capacity to avail of all the good things that this world can give.

Take for example, in terms of education that is considered to be the foundation of every society. A poor man if he has something to spare to afford it, can only go to a government funded institution where most of the time lacks the capacity to provide the needed quality education, compared to a rich man who had studied in a well known institution. When both of them graduates and applies for a job, which to you think would be hired?

So saddening to say, but I guess the old saying " a man's lost can be someone else gain" is true.

Although, there were times that a poor man out of his conviction can really attain a great level of success, if we are to compare their numbers to the people who always manages to get left behind, they number only but few.

With this kind of unbalanced treatment and views between the rich and the poor by the very society in itself, a poor man's chances of uplifting his status in life, tends to become lesser and lesser compared to what a rich man can have. This is the reason why a factory worker can only become a supervisor at the time of his retirement and never have the chance of becoming a manager, not because he does not deserve it, but because he never was given the chance to be one from the very start, to begin with.

Poverty the greatest cause for the total disregard of Human Dignity
Given the status that the members of the lower class of society are into, who would not aspire to be lifted up from the state that they are currently in?

Just Imagine a man from the lower class wanting to be accepted into a higher class of society, or maybe a man who is already in the upper class and doesn't want to go down in to a level lower than where he is.

Well in truth, there is nothing wrong when it comes to aspiring and having an ambition, it is the method we choose and the path that we take, that will determine whether it is moral or immoral.

If both man succumbs to lust and greed and uses every possible means to achieve their goal, then there is that great chance of them committing an abuse out of total disregard of human dignity and the true value of life. 

And who among the members of our society would easily fell pray to their ambitions? Who else? But the poorest among the poor, those people who would do anything just to survive.
The two men abusing and taking full advantage of the others condition because of their lust and greed and the others allowing themselves to be abused because they needed to survive.
With the kind of state that most of the lower class of our society is into, most of them, would be far more willing do anything just to get out of the state that they are in, even if would mean giving up their own moral values, thus, their very own dignity.

This is one of those reasons why we could see teenage girls as young as 16 forging their dates of birth so that they could work in a bar populated by men with lusting eyes towards them. This is also one of those reasons why we could see teenage boys working in hazardous environments, quarrying stones, diving for pearls disregarding their own safety so that they could have something to eat for a day instead of studying in school.

Money is not the root of all evil; it is our lust and greed for it that makes it evil.

Lust and greed is the reason behind our high ambitions, it is this evil that forces us to disregard the true value of human life and the dignity that comes with it.

It is this evil that makes us blind that out of our high ambition, we are not only stepping on others people toe, but we are actually robbing them of their greatest gift, the dignity of their human life.

Part III Our role as members of this society

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