Sunday, October 21, 2007

Importance of the Holy Mass

As I was visiting our friendster discussion group 100% Katolikong Pinoy", I happen to chance upon a question of "how important is the Holy Mass (celebration of the Holy Eucharist)?".

Here is my answer.

Attending the Mass is one of the most important aspect of our faith. For only through the Mass can we be in-communion with Jesus and His Church while were still here on earth.

If were going to analyze the things that the Church had been doing from the beginning, one can see that everything leads to the Most Holy Eucharist, our prayers, the Sacraments, etc.

Why, simply because Christ is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist, and as I had said in my post on another topic, not attending to our Holy days of Obligation is a direct disobedience to the Third commandment, since it is a direct refusal to worship God, and refusal to be with Jesus. Thus, not attending mass makes it a mortal sin.

But what really hurts most is this, when Catholics are ask if they want to go to heaven, the answer that one will always receive is a big "YES". And when ask why? Most of the answer is that "I want to be with God". And yet, most Catholics would not go to Mass for no reason at all.

We need not die and go to heaven to be with God, all we need to do is to attend Mass receive a Holy Communion, make an Adoration, or visit the Most Blessed Sacrament to be with God.


Wasn't He, Jesus Himself who had said "this is My Body....this is my Blood..."?

In Christ.

Note: some of the text has been edited for translation purposes.

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