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P4L6 The Birth of the Order 2

Part 4 Our Identity Values and Commitment
Lesson 5 The Birth of the Order 2

Lesson Objectives:

To discover seeds of inspiration in the development of the Carmelite tradition shaped in the context of tension and transition.

Scripture Reading : 1Kings 19:1-12

Topics for Discussion:

1. Carmel in the West

a. Carmelite foundations in Europe
b. Medieval crisis
c. Adaptation in the Rule
d. The Scapular Vision
e. The Sabbatine Privilege

2. Decline of the Order

a. The plague in Europe
b. The Hundred Years' War
c. The new humanism and the renaissance

3. Mitigation of the Rule

4. Various reforms


Rohrbach, OCD, Peter-Thomas, Journey to Carith: The Story of the Carmelite Order, pp 55-123.

Points of Reflection:

The second half of the thirteenth century was a time of growth, transition and tension for the Carmelites. There was a need for prayerful responsibility: a deep sense of solitude, silence and the desert. If the desert is carefully tended it flourishes. The desert is not so much a physical place, but rather the geography of the heart. What can this mean to you?

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