Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Saying goodbye

As I follow on the feeds that I had subscribed on to, i came upon a blog about seminary departures which reminds me those times when I'm still active in the Cursillo movement.

Cursillo is a short course about Christianity. Through it, a candidate is introduced to the Catholic faith and is reminded of ones role
as a member of the Church.

For three days and four nights, candidates are totally secluded from the world, giving then time to recenter themselves on their spiritual life.

And truthfully, it has been a great privilege for me, to had served in the Cursillo movement for five years, not only for the helped that it gave me in regards to the development of my own faith and spirituality but for being able to serve and bring the good news to those people who had been considered by some as an outcast of society. Yeps, you go it right. Our group focused more on prisoners.

As with other apostolates that deals with prison inmates, we too, encounters unique problem and situations that we could have not resolved if not for the true presence of Christ.

But most often the part that we always encounter with most difficulty, is when it comes for us to say our goodbyes, during our "abraso".

"Abraso" is the moment where all those who had participated in the retreat is presented to the candidates and must say their parting words while embracing each other (thus the term "abraso").


If only one could see us, this is the hardest part not only for us but even to those who were not part of the Cursillo, for it even reaches out to the prison guards. For how many times had we actually seen them cry with us as we say our goodbyes to the inmates?

We cry not for anything else, but because we know that one way or the other Christ presence can truly be felt.
True enough we can really say "You were in prison and we had visited You".

Saying goodbyes most of the time are painful, but knowing that in every "goodbye" that we utter, comes the sweetness of God's "Hello" is more than enough to move us forward and continue on...


Oh, how I really miss those days...

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