Monday, October 29, 2007

An Unpredictable Life

Early this morning at around 6:30AM, a triple vehicular accident involving 2 light trucks and a tricycle, took place right in front of our house.

With one truck hitting the tricycle causing head and leg injury to its driver and totally wrecking the tricycle he was riding, and the other truck hitting our front fence when its driver tried to evade the first truck that hit the tricycle.

Fortunately, as of this writing, I had not heard of any fatality.

As I watch what was taking place this morning, I could do nothing except wonder of how life can be so unpredictable at times. Which reminds me of a letter published in one my Friendster group.

The letter was written by a relative of a bombing victim that took place in Makati more or less a week ago. In it, is a husbands agony of how things could have change if He had only decided not to have lunch with her wife in the affected place...

In this world that we lived in, things happens so unexpectedly that most often, the moment we get caught and get entangled with its web, also becomes the time that for most of us realizes the true importance of life and our love ones.

And when pain and sufferings starts to creep in, we tend to remember God and ask the question "why?".

Life is indeed unpredictable. And maybe the reason why it was made that way is so that we could learn to cherish every moment that we had stayed in this world, and to show the people whom we consider important, how we really love them.

Not when they had already passed away, but while they are still living with us. And to know the God whom we worship, not when it's already too late, but while we're still alive and have a chance to serve Him.

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