Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do You Really Love Me?

Allow me to start this with a story originally written in Filipino, which I have happened to have read, years back.

A couple was celebrating their anniversary, and as they celebrate, the lady ask the man this question (in Filipino),

babae : " Honey, Mahal mo ba talaga ako?"
lalake: "Mahal na Mahal. Ang totoo nyan may dala akong regalo sayo..."
babae: "Wow! talaga?"
lalake: "Oo naman eto oh,"

     "Shampoo, para sa malagkit at buhol buhol mong buhok,"
     "Toothbrush at toothpaste, para sa naninilaw mo nang ngipin,"
     "Mouthwash para sa iyong bad breath,"
     "Deodorant para sa nangangamoy mong kilikili,"
      "at sabon para makaligo ka naman kahit 2x a week man lang."

Translation (English): 

woman: "Honey, do you really love me?"
man: "I love you so much!, the truth is I even bought you some gifts,"
woman: "Ohh Really?"
man: "Yes I did, here take a look"

    "Shampoo, for your tangled and sticky hair,"
     "Toothbrush and toothpaste, for your yellowish teeth,"
     "Mouthwash for your bad breath,"
     "Deodorant for your smelly under arm,"
     "and a soap so that you can at least take a bath twice a week."

I can no longer remember the kind of reaction that I had after reading this story, I do believe that I was really laughing-out-loud (lol).

Funny as it may seem, but in reality, the guy have really shown how much he really loves his wife... and he was not kidding when he bought the gifts that he had for her.

True Love never sees defects, but instead creates a blinding light that  overcomes these defects, transcending the boundaries of the physical aspect of nature that reveals the true person that lies beyond.

This is the kind of Love that Christ have shown us, despite of us being unworthy, He gave up His life so that we can be saved.

Not out of nothing, but simply because He Loved us without conditions...

... and I never realized this, until my first born, 3 month old son, Miguel, suffering from G6PD deficiency, thought me how to love unconditionally...

Yours in Carmel,

- Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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