Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My younger brother's death

This morning, between 10 and 11 AM, my sister Dolly informed me via a call on my cellphone, that my younger brother Socrates was killed by still unidentified assailant.  He was 33, with 2 children.

Just a few weeks back, our eldest, Ross and I we're just talking when will be the time that we will all be able to see each other in person?" and yet before we could even set a possible date, one of my brothers whom I haven't seen since birth, for still unverified reason was killed.

Yes, I got separated from them when I was still young, and even today although we already know the story why I got separated, I haven't had a chance to meet them and just about, when we almost had a chance to do so, this thing happens, in all of a sudden.

As of now, I'm not really so sure as to the kind of feeling that I'm having.

Regret? for not meeting him during those times that I could have. Frustrations? for not being able to do anything at these point.  Anger? For the person who took his life, for he had not only taken a life but an opportunity for us to be with one another.

Mixed feelings, mixed emotions...

How can I possibly express what I feel at this very moment?

Only One can, and only One can pacify my thoughts and emotions today, He had carried me before, I know that He will carry me again... Not only me, but all of us...

Soc, I might no longer be able to express to you warmly the kind of brotherly love that I could have done so, allow me instead to express it to you today, in a way that I know could transcend the boundaries of time. For only in my prayers will I be able to connect with you, 'till the time that we are given a second chance to meet and remain forever...

" Eternal rest be granted to my younger brother Socrates Oh Lord, and let You're perpetual light shine upon him." 

"Justice for my brother's death! I cry oh Lord! Justice I call upon to those who are involve in his death!  

But not in the way that I know, but in a way that will not go against You're Will, for even though the situation angers me so much, I still wish to surrender everything to You to judge upon.  

Not my will, but may You're Will be done."

Holy Mary, Mother of all Carmelites, My Mother,  Pray for us. Amen


Anonymous said...

first tym kung maranasan ang ganitong feeling na parang wala akong nararamdamn na telang ala akong emotion pero dapat kung gisingin ang sarili ko uli para bumalik ang ulirat ko para sa kanilang lahat.

Anonymous said...

bakit may mga taong walang pakundangan kung pumatay ng kapwa nila, di nila isisip ang mga taong mauulila ng taong bibiktimahin nila.

dolly felarca said...

masakit ang mawalan ng isang taong minamahal ng di mo inaasahan, lalo na iyong pagkawala niya ay kagagawan ng mga taong halang ang bituka. na walang pakialam sa kapwa, kaya kahit kitilin nila ang buhay ng kapwa nila ok lang sa kanila dahil hindi nila pinahahalagahan ang buhay.

dapat ang ganitong klase ng mga tao ang unang binubura sa mundo na di na sila pamarisan at ng mawala na or di na madagdag ang mga taong naulila dahil sa makahayop na kagagawan ng mga taong halang ang kaluluwa

Anonymous said...

Nakikiramay kami Bro, me and Mitchie. Masakit at malungkot, walang may gusto sa nangyari. life goes on, think for the future. Hope justice will be serve... -Randy

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