Saturday, October 2, 2010

Auto Play Your Embeded Youtube Videos

There are times that a blog post can be made more fascinating and enticing by auto-playing embedded videos.

In my previous post, I had written about the topic of embedding YouTube videos on Blogger. This time I will be writing in how to auto-play it.

So how do we do this to an embedded YouTube video?

I had already mentioned before that a script needs to be generated in order to post YouTube Videos on blogger. Once we generate this script, we only need to copy paste it to our blog.

Eventually an auto-play option is not included when the script is generated, to make this possible, we need to add the following code "&autoplay=1" to our auto-generated script.

The next question that comes now, is where do we add this additional code?

  • Open the HTML/JavaScript Element or the blog where your embedded YouTube video is located, and look for the following block of code that starts with:

  • Add the code at the very end of this block of code.

  • Save your element, or re-publish your post.
  • View your blog, and see how your embedded YouTube video auto-plays once your page loads.

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