Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Google Browser for Windows, Mac and Linux

All Internet surfers cannot deny the importance of web browsers.  It is the application that we use to surf the web.  

Sadly, there exist a problem when it comes to the availability of browsers that could be use over the different Operating Systems (OS) and Computer Systems that are currently available, since not all web browsers are designed to run on multiple OS or multiple systems.

This is where Goggle Chrome or Chrome, developed by Google comes in. 

Goggle Chrome browser where designed so that it could could be run over three different platforms, namely: PC, Mac and Linux.

Designed for web surfers that requires speed, security and simplicity.  It also has lots of features that is readily available depending on user preferences.

I use Google Chrome to test web layout compatibility issues, being a web developer and a blogger by hobby, it allows me to see compatibility issues that I might miss when designing and developing web layouts.

You can download Goggle Chrome by clicking Here.  For on-line instructions you can click here.

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