Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why Do I Feel Sad?

Often times I wonder, why do I feel sad?

It's the kind of question that commonly creeps into my mind specially when I become too engrossed on things that are necessary but tends to overcome things of necessity.

It's also the kind of questions that I often find hard to answer, less I go back in the past and start recalling what I had been doing lately that led me to feel this way.

You see, it has always been my belief, that the present is always the by product of what we did in the past. And whatever is it that we feel today is the result of what we did yesterday.

So now I'm wondering again, why do I feel sad?...
... Maybe it's because I've been fooling my self  into believing that I can survive without You, even  if it is the fact that I MISS YOU SO MUCH...


Huwag Limutin By Arnel DC Aquino, SJ

H'wag limutin nakaraang araw, sariwain kahit balik tanaw.
Takipsilim di man mapigilan, sandali lang ang dilim.

'Yong bilangin and bawa't sandaling kagalaka'y wari'y walang patid.
Magkasama tayo sa pagsapit ng 'sang langit sa daigdig.


Minamahal kitang tunay ang tinig Ko sa'yo'y bubuhay.
Sambitin mo ang aking himig at Ako sa iyo'y aawit

Alaala ng pag kakaibigan, sa puso itago't ingatan.
Sa pagsilay ng bukas tingnan, ala-ala't puso'y iisa!


- Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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