Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thank You

It has been a week since my brother's funeral and I haven't had a chance to express my gratitudes to all the people who gave their support of encouragement and prayers during the time that we are in grief.

Allow me then to thank all of you through this blog...
  • To all my friends, office mates, my bosses and members of the family;
  • To my brothers and sisters in the Secular Carmelite Order, specially Tita Celia Timbol, OCDS, President of OCDS Philippines;
  • The Nuns of Carmel of the Holy Spirit, Subic, Zamabales, Sor. Anne Marie,OCD; Sor Mary Albina,OCD; Sor Mary Renee, OCD;
  • From the other communities specially to our Community Spiritual Assitant Rev. Fr. Buddy Torres,OCD;
  • Other Monasteries Sor Ara, OCD;
  • Our OCDS Subic Community President Sis. Ampy Zerudo, OCDS; Tita Merce Gamez and all of our Subic Community Members;
To each and everyone of you, accept my thanks' and prayers.
Although as of this date I have not received any information pertaining to the arrest of the assailants, three possible suspects have been identified and are now under the watch of the Cavite Police.

Throughout those days during my brother's wake one of the songs that I had held on to is this. 

Allow me to share it to you, in full hope that when the time comes that we face doubt, we can always remember this words...

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