Sunday, November 7, 2010

Congressional Debate on RH-Bill

Videos below were taken during the Congressional Hearing of  the Reproductive Health Bill (RH-Bill) at the House of Representatives, uploaded by veritasdipolog on youtube.

On the floor were Hon. Rep. Roilo Golez representing the anti RH-Bill and Hon. Rep.  Edcel Lagman for the pro RH-Bill.

Eventually, Representative Edcel Lagman was surprise when Congressman Roilo Golez ask the following question " ... who among them should not have been born..." while presenting a picture of happy young children possing in front of a still camera.

Congressman Lagman, surprised with the question simply said, "... I will not give an answer..." ( Filipino and English Languages were used during the debate)

I have already mentioned this words in the anti RH-Bill Group of ours in facebook.  Might as well repeat it here.

"... That's precisely the problem with numbers, for it can only represent facts, but never the intention of the person/s who uses them.

But even if it is represented as facts, it can can also be manipulated, for they are numbers.

This is the problem when using numbers to represent reality. For it can be true in one of its side but false on the other.

In my point of view, there is nothing wrong when the intension is to manage population. But the moment management ask for a complete control that requires manipulation and misrepresentation its a different matter.

I'm opposing the RH-Bill not because I don't believe in population management. But I oppose it because within its provision are hidden agenda[s] that not only points to population management."

Hon. Congresman Roilo Golez was right, it is indeed easier to represent people using numbers but very hard to justify when reality seeks in.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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