Monday, March 28, 2011

“The Flower of Carmel”, letter from the Centenary Commission

Avila‐Spain,  28th  March,  2011  (Communicationes).‐ The  Preparatory  Commission  for  the celebration  of  the  V  Centenary  of  Saint  Teresa  of  Jesus  invites  all  to  read  with  devotion  the writings of Teresa as we remember her 496th anniversary of birth.

In  a  Weekly  Letter  published  on  the  site,  the  Commission  recalls that the main preparation for celebrating the Teresian centenary is “that a great explosion of her charism might be produced ” within the Church and in the heart of the world.

With  the  title  “The  Flower  of  Carmel”,  the  letter  stresses  the  need  the  world  has  for transcendence  and  it  proposes  for  present  times  the  life  experience  of  the  foundress  of  the Discalced Carmel as a testimony, searching “to make us strong friends of God”.

In December 2009, the web site was inaugurated as a helpful tool for  preparing  the  V  Centenary  of  the  birth  of  Saint  Teresa  (2015).  Since  then,  more  than  60 Weekly  Letters  have  been  published  by  different  authors:  from  the  General  of  the  Order, Cardinals and bishops, to laity, university professors, mothers of families, to friars and nuns of the Carmelite and other Orders.

As  well,  the  site  assists  reading  works  of  Saint  Teresa  of  Jesus,  the  Book  of  her  Life  and  the Way  of  Perfection,  by  publishing  work  sheets  and  reading  guides  that  offer  guidelines  for reading and points for reflection for the individual and the community, for prayer and pastoral work.

The  site,  operating  in  seven  languages,  has  become  a  required  reference  point  for  gaining knowledge  of  St  Teresa’s  teaching  and  spirituality  and  for  assisting  preparations  for  the centenary to the best degree. 


Communicationes N. 174 

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