Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On RH Bill

For the very first time in my life I have to beg for your indulgence for the words that I will be writing afterwards, and also for the very first time I also need to rate one of my post and start with a WARNING!

"Be warned that the following text that you will be reading is rated PG"

Now for the brass tack.

I grew up without my father besides me, and the only one that gave me advise during my teenage years was my mother.

During my time of puberty, I remember my mother always telling me, not to be too obsessive on my impulse and to do my best to make sure that before I decide to do delve on them, I'm already in the right state of mind to support and raise a family. 

Because only in that way could I ever repay her of debts in raising me, is when I have raised a family of my own that I could support.

(Might as well repeat my warning before I continue)

Thus, during my teenage time to make my words more precise on my topic, the tag line is this.

"Think twice before you engage in sex!"

With the advancement of technology and the promotion of contraceptives in the present time, the tag line has eventually changed.

"Think twice before you engage in sex! At least protect yourself and buy a "condom".

When the RH Bill is passed and approved by congress, again the tag line will definitely change, this time...

"you no longer have to think twice, you not even need buy a condom. 

Just go to the nearest health center, for the government has already bought some for you. 

If they refuse, report them to the nearest office of the proponent of the RH Bill and file the necessary charges, and then you can have your condom and have sex anytime you want!"

I will no longer ask why, if most teenagers would say that it is right to pass the RH Bill.

So saddening that when most rich countries are now having problems in regards to their age population gap, some congressman would still want to pursue a course that most probably,  most rich countries are now regretting to have even entered with.

Just imagine creating a law that would force the Government to buy contraceptives that is to be given for free even to minors without the necessary parental consent, so long that they asked for it, and worst of all including within the same law a resulting punishment of jail time to any health workers who refuses to do so.

What kind of people are we electing in government positions now a days?

And yet we ask and blame our Government, why our country is in this kind of situation?

Why not start first at home, and start looking in front of a mirror? And this time be honest and start asking and blaming yourself instead...

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