Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Order will request the Holy See to declare 2015 as “A Year of Prayer”

Rome- Italy, 23 May 2011 (Communicationes).- Because of the celebration of the 5th Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa, the Order hopes to request that the Holy See officially declare 2015 “A Year of Prayer” and that it would be a Jubilee Year in the city of Avila. It is also hoped, with the collaboration of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, that the Holy Father might visit Avila during the year.

Fr. Emilio J. Martinez Gonzalez, Vicar General and Responsible for the Centenary Organization, writes this in a letter sent to all members of the Order.

In his letter, Fr. Emilio refers to many projects already underway in preparation for the Centenary:- annual International Congresses programmed by CITes in Avila; the preparation of special documents on St. Teresa; the website a theatrical production and new translations of Teresa’s works in French and English, among others. 

Yet another project is for “the restoration of the convent-church on the site of the birth-place of St. Teresa, particularly of the chapel commemorating the actual birth-room”. “This will be a lasting and fitting tribute to the Saint on her 5th Centenary”. 

The letter goes on to ask the different Conferences of Major Superiors to set up their respective promotion Commissions for the Centenary and to coordinate their efforts with the General Curia with a view to establishing an international working network.

Finally,. Fr. Emilio writes that a special Bank Account has been opened for financial contributions towards covering the expenses of all these projects (and many others) in preparation for the Centenary. An account is also available under the headi “donations” on the website.

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