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I was born for you - A Methodological Study of The Way of Perfection (June)

Discalced Carmelites preparation to the 5th Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus, “a return to the sources of our Teresian Charism, to have a renewed understanding of our identity and mission in today’s Church.”

Scheduled Reading of the way of perfection
June 2011: Chapters 1 – 3 


The way of perfection of St. Teresa of Avila was written at the height of the "reformation" that was started by Martin Luther, a German Friar , in Germany.  Although it was the Calvinist founded by John Calvin that was causing troubles in Europe, specially in France when the way of perfection could have been written.  It was also a time of great distress in the Church, since a reform was indeed needed to address the noted abuses of some members of the Clergy and Religious Orders.

It is also worth noting that when St.Teresa was writing the way of Perfection, it was also the time that she has decided that a reform is needed within the Carmelite Order, since  a great deviation from the primitive rule of St. Albert has already been committed in "Ecarnation".  Thus, the way of Perfection can also be  viewed as the rules of St. Teresa on how the first nuns of the Discalced Carmelites should live as they return to the primitive rule of St. Albert.

It is also obvious that St. Teresa was bothered by the effects of the reformation and instructs the nuns under her care to pray for those who were defending the Catholic Faith, so that through their prayers God will make our Theologians and Preachers " highly proficient in the way of the Lord" and that "they may advance in perfection" in fulfillment of their vocation.

St. Teresa also mentioned the different hurdles that these learned men (Clergy) needs to face in order " to help the Lord", and is hopeful that through their prayers "they may gain the divine Favor" of increasing their numbers who are "qualified", and to "prepare the others who were lacking anything."

She also emphasized that "offering their petitions continually is not useless", and instructs her nuns to pray for the prelates of the Church, most specially the Bishops and said that if their prayers, desire, discipline and fasting were not done for the intentions she mentioned, they are not carrying-out the work of fulfilling the object of their calling.   

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