Monday, August 22, 2011

Prolife and Anti RH Bill Advocates won another TV Debate

Last night the Anti RH-Bill and Pro-lifers have again won another Televised  debate which was aired by TV5 'Kapatid' Network  in Hamon sa Pagbabago: RH-Bill, hosted by Atty. dong Puno and Luchie Cruz-Valdez and was uploaded in you-tube by Pinoy-ako.

The participants of the debate were divided in three groups: Pros, Antis and the undecided.

Although the pro RH People always claim that majority of the Catholic People wants the RH- Bill based on purported surveys, the result of the televised debate however, was different and went against them, since the previous undecided group have voted 100% against it after hearing the answers in all the presented questions and arguments.

 Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Anonymous said...

It would seem that the Philippines is going to replay all the battles of the last thirty years elsewhere on issues of what is spun as "reproductive rights." And the pain in the Philippines is particularly great in comparison to the western world. So far the advocates for "reproductive rights" have won in almost every nation. I half-expect the battle was lost because so many of us who are Roman Catholics and have such strong feelings on the issues have relied on old men in Rome who never have emphasized the stories of the Torah which we call the Old Testament. Those stories focused on the strife between the God of Abraham with the God of Isaac, and then the God of Jacob. These were all fertility stories with men who had married and taken barren wives. And again and again and again the same lives seemed to repeat the same wrongs. When nomadic men understood their wives less than 30 percent of the time. Until finally, in the relationship, men quit listening. A lot like what happened to the Old Testament, as places like Spain now lived with falling populations. And in such a world, as in world with deflation in harsh economic times, humans had not figured out how to carry on. So all alone, without God's intervention in the story.
I have been to the Philippines, and was struck how much a community relied on one priest.And the priests did not seem to use what Andrew Greeley had described as the once flourishing Catholic imagination --or have the time to pay attention to the early stories of fertility. Stories about a holy people, a holy nation, a people set apart.

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