Saturday, September 10, 2011

A strong geomagnetic storm is in progress

"A strong geomagnetic storm is in progress" NASA says, as the latest on solar flares, following the impact of a CME around 7:30 EDT Sept. 9, 2011.

The report says that "this could be the first of several hits from a series of CMEs expected to reach Earth during the weekend..."

Earlier, four solar flares and three coronal mass ejections from September 6 to September 8, 2011 originating from sunspot 1283 were recorded by NASA, with the third flare given a category X1.8 by the GOES spacecraft,  making it the second X-class flare within the span of 24hours and the fourth one considered to be a moderate flare and given a category M6.7.

With this current occurrences, a "high-speed solar wind-stream flowing from a large coronal hole" is predicted to reach Earth between Sept. 11-12 which is expected to cause more auroras.  Although none of the CMEs are expected to hit the Earth directly, NASA model suggest that "the latest CME may give a glancing blow to Earth on the morning of September 11."
Animated model prediction on how the September 7, 2011 CME will be moving in the next few days. Credit: NASA/Space Weather Services
In the meantime, with the current Geomagnetic Storm, space weather reports that "electrical ground currents caused by the storm have been detected in Norway."

In the Philippines, Internet slowdown has been experienced since yesterday, with users having a hard time connecting to some websites,  its relationship to the recent geomagnetic storm
however, is still yet to be proven.


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