Saturday, March 17, 2012

CONDOLENCES FROM THE OCARM PRIOR GENERAL : “The death of Father Camilo is a great loss for all the Carmelite family”

Fr. Gen. Camilo Maccise, OCD
ROME-ITALY (17-03-2012).- The Prior General of the Order of Mount Carmel, Father Fernando Millán, expressed his condolences yesterday on the death of who for 12 years was the Superior General of the Discalced Carmelites, Father Camilo Maccise.

In a heartfelt message addressed to Father Saverio Cannistrà, the Superior General of the Carmelites made known his “most heartfelt condolences” and “our fraternal affection in these sorrowful moments.”

Fernando Millán underscored the great loss for all the Carmelite family that Father Camilo’s demise represents. He emphasized Father Camilo’s “powerful sense of evangelism, of prophetic valor and true spirituality.”

“I have always greatly enjoyed his optimism and sense of humor, his sensitivity for the poor, and his love for Carmelite spirituality,” said Father Fernando Millán.

“It is best to let ourselves be guided by the Lord”

“The Lord has called me to an order of fraternity, love, communion, and peace,” as Camilo Maccise himself recognized in one of his last public appearances before his death in a video published on the website of the Mexican Carmelite province.

Visibly fatigued and in declining health because of the progression of the disease, Maccise emotionally shared the teachings with which the Word of God and the saints of Carmel guided and maintained his life as religious and priest.

In the manner of a public confession he stated that, “when, a little over a year ago, they discovered my cancer, the first thing I did was thank God for the 73 years of health he had given me, and then I placed myself in his hands.” Father Camilo stated, “It is best to let ourselves be guided by the Lord.”


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