Sunday, March 25, 2012

MESSAGE FROM CLAR ON THE DEATH OF FR CAMILO “We give thanks to God for his lively temperament”

Fr. Camilo Maccise, OCD
ROME-ITALY (25-03-2012).- A week after the death of Fr Camilo Maccise, many were the displays of closeness, memories and prayer continuing to arrive at the Order from various places in the world and from his various supporters.

Religious families, Christian groups, laity and institutions continue to show their sympathy to the Order on the loss of Fr Camilo. Publications on Christian topics and those specializing in religious life have published articles remembering this Discalced Carmelite who worked so much to the advantage of Consecrated Life.

In this sense, the Latin Americal Conferance of Religious (CLAR) published an article summing up Fr Camilo’s life with reference to theology, Carmelite charism and theology of consecrated life with which he had helped numerous congregations.

The communication, which recalled the activity of Maccise as a collaborator in CLAR, president of the Union of Superiors General and as a consulter in the synods on Consecrated life and on the Bishops, described him as a man of “intellectual passion and his feeling of belonging to the Discalced Carmelite Order, Religious Life and the Church”.

The message of CLAR concludes: we give thanks to God for his ‘lively temperament’ and his ‘good humour’ and we beg God to bestow on him the banquet prepared for ‘faithful servants’, and on all of us the capacity to preserve his inheritance by means of giving witness to a mystical and prophetical life of benefit to the poorest of our brothers”. 


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