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BARCELONA-SPAIN (16-05-2012).- The “Carmelite Competition” is the name given to an interesting initiative, started by the Discalced Carmelites of the Catalonia and Baleares Province, with the double intention of learning and of consolidating relationships between the members of the Carmelite Family. It is an amusing and original activity to deepen knowledge of Carmelite facts and their many facets.

The organizers have fully followed their intention of making the competition open to many people, members and supporters of the Teresian Carmel. So, they have seen taking part friars, laity and religious sisters, not only from the Discalced Carmel by also from the four institutes tied to the Order in Catalonia: the Teresian Carmelite Missionary Sisters, the Carmelite Missionary Sisters, the Carmelite Sisters of St Joseph, as well as the Teresian Carmelite Sisters of St Joseph. Also taking part are some competitors from outside the provincial ambit.

The sharing of calls and commentaries between those taking part from different places, in order to arrive at the information they are seeking, has been proof of the interest the competition has awakened. Each week, for three months, those taking part received three questions relating to Carmel, each one with three possible solutions, from which they had to select. As time passed, the grade of difficulty was increased and the classification of those taking part was widened.

At the end of the competition, five persons were among the finalists: two from Lleida and three from Badalona. A deciding question at the end, awarded the first prize to one of the competitors from Lleida.

The competition can be followed on the web page, opened for the occasion, where you can also consult the questions, get the correct answers and see the classification of those taking part.


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