Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May Flower Procession 2012

Blessed Virgin Mary
Every time that the month of May ends, our Parish always holds a procession in Honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

For this year, the procession was held with each Lady Participant Carying one of the Titles Attributed to the Blessed Virgin.
The procession was held in the evening of  May 31st which also signifies the end of the May flower celebration.

May Flower procession
Many however, believed like the protestants and specially the Christian Fundamentalist that it is wrong to honor Mary for according to them it is the same as worshiping her.

But the question is, do Catholics worship Mary?  The asnwer is a big no! We don't worship, Mary nor the saints, the teaching of the Catholic Church is  very definite that worship belongs to God alone.

May Flower Program If this is the truth, then why do we hold feast and processions in honor Mary, and why do we call her our Mother?  We accept Mary as our Mother and honor her, because she is the mother of Jesus, our Brother. 

To Jesus through Mary! 
Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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