Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secretary General for Missions launches website

ROME-ITALY (27-06-2012).- The Secretary General for Missions, Fr. Julio Almansa, has just launched a website dealing specifically with our Missions. It is hoped that this will provide information on our Missions throughout the world and allow each Mission to communicate rapidly with the Order’s Centre.

The new web will not only present the opportunity for all our missionaries to relate to the Secretary General from every single Mission, but also to share and develop new missionary projects. As a consequence, all their work and needs will be publicised and every initiative can be evaluated and encouraged. At the same time, this website will let our entire Order, and others outside it, know of the immense missionary activity of Teresian Carmel.

This initiative is already available in English and Spanish and will be presented in Italian and French in the very near future. It will offer current information on the different missions in the Order and could encourage sponsorship and economic assistance for the development of various projects.

It should be remembered that the whole idea in still in its infancy and the web is not as yet fully functional, but holds great hopes for the future. Fr. Julio presented the idea to the Extraordinary Definitory held in Ariccia where it was welcomed enthusiastically and optimistically by the Superiors of every Circumscription in the Order.

The next few months will be decisive in evaluating the project realistically and, hopefully, seeing it emerge as an effective means of connecting all our missions and of encouraging support and collaboration with them.


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