Sunday, August 14, 2016

We are all given a chance to change

In the recently held International Eucharistic Congress 2016, one of the many that caught my attention was this video, uploaded on youtube.

One of the Slogan of President Duterte in the last election was "Change is coming", where in, many of his followers made this their own slogan too, well nothing's wrong with this slogan, for who would not want change in the first place?

In my own opinion however, every time the hand of clock moves, change always happens, and most probably most of us are not just simply aware of it, which is probably why most people always seek for a change, a change in the form of government, in society, in almost everything that we encounter, we see, or even in things that we believe in.

Change do happen, every time, every day, in every step that we take in the present, change is always there, it is just a matter of asking ourselves of the kind of change that we really wanted, is it for our own, or for the betterment of others.

Either way, if indeed we really want change, are we simply asking others to change for us and disregard the fact that we ourselves needs changing too?

True change does not need to start from others, it simply needs to start from us, and we only need to look at these inmates to know that change can happen, anytime, anywhere, at any given moment.

Thus, the only question that remains is that, is the change that we seek for the better or for worst? 

Yours in Christ

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