Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If I Could Touch You

By: M.V. Francisco, SJ

If I Could touch You, I'd heal Your broken palms.
If I could hold You in my arms,
I'd call the soft breeze to caress Your weary arms.
I'd call a moonbeam to dispel this darkness nights.
If I could touch You, I would.

If I could hear You, Your words of anguish.
If You'll just whisper in my ear
The sadness, weighing down Your heart that no man sees.
If You just call me, I would sing of flaming hope.
If I could hear You, I would.


Long have I waited for you to hear My cry.
Long have I waited for you to answer My plea.
What you do to your brethren, you do it for Me,
I am in the brokenness and woundedness of man. (Ref.)

Yes, you can touch Me.
I'm in the least of your brethren;
I'm in the weak and small.
I need your hands to bear My weary arms.
I need your touch to heal My wounded palms.
Yes, you can touch Me.
Yes, you can touch Me.

From the Album
Himig Heswita - Your Dwelling Place

This inspiring music tells us that we can help ease Jesus' sufferings on the cross by learning to ease the sufferings of our brethren. Showing how much we love God by loving our neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, there are several ways to touch the Lord; if only we would heed to His call as He touches our lives,too,in several ways.

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