Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Examination of our Conscience

Peace from the One whom we know Who loves us First.

What you will find below is one of the many suggested ways of examining our conscience, feel free to use and edit them based on your personal needs.

Note :

When doing the actual examination of conscience, it would greatly help, if
we are going to look into ourselves as God would see us. When we
realize being guilty of any sins at any given moment during our examination, pause for a while and never hesitate to admit it and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

1. Before the actual examination pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Prayer Before Examination of Conscience

Come Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of the faithful, and in kindle in them the fire of Your Love. Help me to know my sins, be heartily sorry for them, confess them sincerely and better my life. Amen.

2. Meditate on the Ten Commandments

3. Meditate on the six Precepts of the Church.

- in our observance of Holidays of Obligations.
- On fasting and abstinence.
- In confessing our mortal sins at least once every year, preferably before Easter Sunday.
- In receiving Holy Communion during the Easter time.
- In our contribution to the Church in accordance to our means.
- In regards to the Church's Marriage laws.

4. Meditate on the Seven Capital Sins

- Pride
- Covetousness
- Lust
- Anger
- Gluttony
- Envy
- Sloth

5. After the Examination, Pray the Act of Contrition

After the examination, and we found out that we had committed a mortal sin, never receive Holy Communion until having a confession and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation.

By making the examination of our conscience a habit, not only will we know who we really are but it would even make us closer to God.

As Jesus Himself had said " ...forgive your brothers seventy times seven..."

Never hesitate to go to confession and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for Jesus is always waiting for us and never fails to receive us even though the sins that we commit is far more than the grains of a sand in the sea.

Jesus, died on the cross for our salvation, by denying ourselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we are also denying Christ Passion and Death on the Cross.

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