Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wi-fi Anyone?

More than a month ago, my boss asked me to study the possibility and the amount that would be needed to make our Institution a wi-fi enabled facility.

Although during those times wi-fi has already been around for a long-long while and is no longer new to me, frankly speaking, I never really had any Idea how to incorporate and deploy the system within our internal networks.

Luckily for me, a client of ours asked me to do the same, and in less than a week I was able to request a test unit and try a test configuration and temporary deployment.

To my surprise, the set-up in itself was really easy and the only thing that I really needed to do was to reconfigure a setting or two, open a port on our firewall and there it goes.

Well, with plug and play technology nowadays, I really wonder for how much longer will a network system technician be of any use in the future?

I guess, a retraining is not really a bad idea...hehehehe.

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