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"The Catholic Church's Interference in Politics"

In the past decade since 1986, most people believed that the action of the Catholic Church in voicing it's opinion on social issues and politics is an act of interference, and just recently was even accused of "bedeviling" our government and "holding hostage" our leaders.

But why does the Catholic Church do this, despite of earning criticism rather than support?  Why does the Catholic Church continues to do so, despite of the fact that it's gaining minimal support, and is even being accused by its own members?

Is the Catholic Church, in the words of Hon. Edcel Lagman, really "bedeviling" our Government?  Is the Catholic Church's action, in the words of Mr. Carlos Celdran, really trying to "hold hostage" our Leaders?

With this article, allow me to give a little insight on the roles of the Catholic Church, her mission and conviction as given forth and handed down to her by her Bride Groom.

Her Mission and Mandate as given by Christ

The Church being having been betrothed to Christ (CCC 796) her founder, is one with Him and United to him in continuance of His salvific mission. (CFC 1391)

Having risen from the dead and ascended to heaven, Christ ensured that what He had revealed about God and Himself to the Apostles shall be guarded and  propagated not only to those who were able to witness Him when He was with men, but for everyone, from thereon until His return. (CCC 74, 934-939)

This responsibility that Christ has given His Church, the Church has abided and continued on from the time of Pentecost to date. 

If we go back in history, we can clearly see  how the early  Church Fathers despite of  threat of suffering, death and persecution continued to perform their mission,  even if it means being ridiculed, being imprisoned and even being punished with death.

And who were they up against with? Society as a whole.

They went against, Emperors and Kings.  

When an Emperor proclaims that there is no other God but "Caligula" and threatens to kill those who oppose it. The Early Church Fathers  Accepted death as punishment in order to prove that the Emperor is wrong.

When a King asked that he be allowed to divorce his wife so that he could  remarry and have a child, the leaders of the Church despite of being threatened of death, stand by the Truth and said no!

In the entire 2000 years of History of the Catholic Church, it is very clear, that despite of society not agreeing to what She (the Church) proclaims, the church has faced the storm and held on to what was revealed to Her.  (This is the reason why we have so many Saints.)

Why? because " the Church, in her doctrine, life and worship, perpetuates and transmits to every generation all that she herself is, all that she believes" (CCC 98).

And what it is that she believes?

What was handed down by Jesus Orally to the Apostles, and what the Apostles have handed down Orally and in Writing to  the Bishops, their rightful successors (CCC 76 - 79),... which is the "Truth".

The stand that the CBCP have taken, and us members of the laity who have decided to cling-on to the teaching of the Church, is not a stand that we have made-up ourselves. 

Rather it is a position that the Universal (Catholic) Church have taken as written by Pope Paul VI and reaffirmed by his successor.

"... the Catholic Church has been accused of many things in the past, but never was she accused of being inconsistent in her teaching of faith and morals..."

It is a position whom we have decided to fight for, not because we expect anything in return, but we fight for it to stand  for the Truth, as the Apostles, the early Church Fathers and all the Saints have done before.

That we intend to continue-on while on pilgrimage on Earth.
In the words of Pope Benedict XVI "... what was true before, is also true today..."

And for this you can call us many names as long as you want.

You can do all the form of defamation and lambasting that you can do, one thing is for sure, we are not benefiting from this fight in anyways. 

How about you?

"  Therefore do not be afraid of them.  Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known.  What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light; what you hear whispered, proclaim in the housetops.  And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, be afraid of the one who can kill the soul and the body in Gahenna."   (Mat 10: 26-28) NAB

To Jesus through Mary!

- Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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