Saturday, October 9, 2010


For more than a year now, I had been using Firefox as my primary web browser.

Not only do I find it more useful in blogging but the add-ons that a user can deploy is far more than what I had expected when I first installed and actually used it.

Take for example this utility add-on that I'm currently using to write this post.

This utility is called Scribefire. A utility designed for blog writers that allows us to publish our post without actually manually logging into my domain.

As a blogger that uses this utility, I can easily view my previous post, add tags and just publish or edit my post by just clicking a single button, making my life easier than meets the eye.

Aside from this, another Firefox feature that really helps me a lot, is its tab capability, which allows me to view and visit different sites without necessarily running another browser, thus, limiting memory usage and conserving processor power.

And of course its security feature had allowed me to browse pages even in the absence of a web filtering software.

There are still lots of features and add-ons that I haven't tried yet, but so far I'm really satisfied with this web browser.

So why not try it and see for yourself.

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