Friday, October 8, 2010

Living a Routine

Well peeps, another day is about to end again, and here I am, just like as before living out a routine schedule.

Checking my logs, my emails, my stats, playing frontierville at facebook, drinking a couple of beers to ease out the remaining tensions caused by my day job, talking to my wife on our budget and so on and so forth...

Well I guess that's my life...

More than a year ago before I finally reached the right age for marriage (no violent reactions please... well of course I can't deny the fact that I was already 38 when I got married ... but at long last after nearly 14 years of going steady...) well, what I was thinking then was that, at last a change in routine.

Guess I was wrong, well there we're changes that's for sure.

If before, when I arrive home, who I always find greeting me is my dog "sport" nowadays it has changed. For now its "bon-bon" (it's my other dog).

If before when I arrive home the very first thing I do is to cook, now I only need to get one and not to prepare it anymore...

Well there were changes, but I guess not that much. Not until after three months of our marriage, when my wife told me that she was pregnant.

Guess what? My entire life made a 360 degree turn.

For all of a sudden, I find my self, longing, patiently waiting and preparing for the big day...

Nine months after, my entire world has totally changed,
for there in front of me,
the greatest joy of my life I see,
Miguel at 2 days old
the gift that was promised to me,
by my Friend,
my Lord,
and my God.

The greatest treasure of my life... my child Miguel.

As I had mentioned in the opening of this post of mine, I still lived in a routine, but this time although I still lived in the same routine, it's purpose has changed. Since, for this time I miss my routine, for in it is the time that I need to spend with my child...


Now there is only one thing that I do ask and pray for, for my child, to be able to seek and grow fully in fulfillment of his mission of destiny... for my child to be able to say someday to our Lord the following words " Lord, let your servant go in peace, for your Word has been fulfilled..."

- Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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