Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just before I went to sleep at around 1:15 this morning I heard a  low frequency rumbling noise  which was followed by ground shaking... a Magnetude 5.9 earthquake hit our area that lasted for more or less 15 secs.

Based from Philvolcs data, the quake has a depth of 30Km and an epicenter located at 035 km S 29° W of Iba (Zambales).  It was followed by three more aftershocks with magnitudes of 3.9, 4.0, and 2.8 located at 021 km S 80° W, 025 km S 34° W, and 004 km S 67° W of Iba respectively.

Since January of this year, our province have experienced a total of 39 quakes including today, with four (4) of which including this one  reported as "with felt intensities", with the latest by far, as the strongest.

Our province has been identified by Philvolcs to have two major active faults known as the "Iba fault", and liquefaction susceptibility areas. Liquefaction is a physical process that can occur during earthquakes that leads to ground failure. This happens when, fine grain of sands and silts behave as viscous fluids rather than solids that decreases soil strength, loosing its ability to support structures above it that can cause extensive surface damage resulting from the collapse of structures.

I'm just glad that my family is safe. Thank God!

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