Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help Shut Down These Last Few Abortion Mills!

Being a pro-lifer, I have joined pro-life groups not only in our country but also the Priest for life movement of Fr. Frank Pavone in the US.

Being a member of Fr. Frank's movement I have joined his mailing list, and have just receive this e-mail from Fr. Frank's Alert calling  the attention of all members in this mailing list to help shut down an abortion mill in Kansas.

The letter is a call for all pro-lifers living in the U.S. specially those in the State of Kansas to help shutdown the remaining three (3) Abortion Mills in the area.  He said that once this remaining Abortion Mills are shutdown, Kansas will be come the first "abortion-free-state" in America.

In his letter he said that " Just recently, the State of Kansas (under the leadership of the new pro-life Governor, Sam Brownback) officially enacted new health regulations that require abortion mills to meet the normal standards of safety, cleanliness, and proper emergency procedures. The Kansas authorities were especially concerned about the protection of patients if (as often happens) something goes horribly wrong during an abortion. Other than killing a baby, that is."

Fr. Frank also said that "abortionists and their ilk routinely violate the normal health and safety practices that anyone would expect in a medical/surgical facility." But with the new safety regulations in place, abortionist no longer have a choice but to ensure that all safety regulations and practices are followed.

Aside from this , the letter said that abortion clinics " also need to have “hospital privileges” at a nearby emergency room in case the woman’s life is endangered by the all-too-frequent botched abortion. They’re required to have doors wide enough for an ambulance gurney to get through, as well as big enough operating rooms to allow emergency personnel to properly tend to the patient in distress. (Most of the abortion mills in America cram as many tiny operating rooms as possible into small, crowded, and outdated buildings in order to increase volume and profits.)"

Other regulations "pertains to the proper disposal of bio-medical hazardous materials such as syringes, bloody gauze or bed sheets, and yes - even the remains of the murdered babies".

Because of this new developments, the people of Kansas now have the "rare opportunity to legally  deliver a crushing blow to the abortion cartel in the United States" he added.

However the letter also indicated that despite this turn of events, a problem still exist since Kansas' former Governor Kathleen Sebelius - a rabid pro-abort who simply vetoes similar laws before and "would not even allow the Health Department to inspect the abortion mills, " according to Fr. Frank, is now Secretary of Health and Human Services for Obama.

He also said that "since Sebelius is in Washington, D.C.,... she still wields tremendous power and influence in Kansas, especially among local judges who are almost always seeking to be appointed to a higher office and will do whatever they’re told by the “Power Brokers” like Kathleen Sebelius."

Eventually a lawsuit was filed by the remaining abortion mills in Kansas to fight the new regulations.  Now "it’s in the hands of Judge Carlos Murguia and preliminary hearings already took place, and the abortionists got what they wanted. They got Judge Murguia to issue a “temporary restraining order” designed to give the abortionists more time to figure out what to do." he added.

Even so, in the words of Fr. Frank,  " But that TRO expires soon, and Judge Murguia will have to decide if the abortion mills should be allowed to operate in violation of the Kansas health regulations. That’s why I need your help as quickly as possible."

Thus his call "to make sure these three remaining Kansas abortion mills DO NOT get permission to continue killing babies.  We need to MAKE SURE the health regulations get applied to these abortionists… Because They ARE NOT Above The Law!"
With this an automatic e-mail click here has been prepared by Fr. Frank and the pro-lifers in Kansas  waiting to be sent by those who wish to support the  cause.

"Our goal is to have tens of thousands of e-mails delivered to Judge Murguia in the next few days - because we don’t know when he’s going to make his decision about the restraining order." - Fr. Frank Pavone

Which means doing our part - and get more people to join  this noble calling  of rejecting the culture of death and promoting life. Which is why I'm making a blog about it.

Aside from this, we as supporters of life are also called, "to take a moment to say a prayer that God’s will be done in this extremely vital fight to shut down abortion mills through legal,peaceful channels."  Since only with God’s grace and blessings, "can Kansas realistically become the first state in the US to have a NO abortion mills!"

In his parting words, Fr. Frank gave his blessings... "God bless all the pro-lifers in Kansas (especially Troy Newman and his tireless staff at Operation Rescue) who’ve fought so valiantly for many years to make this day happen."

Author's Notes:

It is my earnest hope that through this blog I will be able to reach more people to support this call.

Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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