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P2L2 - God Comes to Meet Man

Part 2 The Call to Holiness
Lesson 2 God comes to meet man


-To Illustrate the substance of a well-founded acknowledgement that the call to hoiliness is God's initiative; and
- to establish an awareness of God's revelation of himself to make known His hidden purpose and invitation to share in His fellowship.

Scripture Reading:
Ephesians 2:1-10 (From death to life)

Topics for Discussion:

1. God comes to meet man -- the Revelation of God

a. Ways of coming to know God
b. God reveals His plan of loving goodness
c. The Stage of Revelation

- In the beginning God makes Himself known
- Man in the image of God
- The fall
- The covenant with Noah
- God chooses Abraham
- God forms His people Israel

2. The call to holiness

a. Scriptural bases
b. Called to holiness
c. The life of holiness in the world


Catechism of the Catholic Church
Apostolic Exhortation on the Vocation and the Mission of the Lay
Faithful in the Church and in the World Christifidelis Laici 17

Points for Reflection
Vatican II categorically affirms: "Neither family concerns nor other secular affairs should be excluded from their (Lay faithful) religious program of life."
Look into your daily activities and conceive them as an occasion to join yourself to God in fulfillment of His will.
How do you reckon yourself being sanctified in your everyday professional and social life?

Journal Second Formation Proper

Scriptural Reflections

Though I am a sinner, and really do not deserve God, out of His love for me, He has given His Son, so that I can receive the grace of salvation and be saved from sins so long that I remain united with Jesus, the Christ.

Knowing God through His Revelation

Out of God's true love for us, He has revealed himself and made a covenant with man, to save us from the sin that causes death, contracted by our first parents by their disobedience to God, which we had inherited from birth.

Through, His covenant with man (Noah and Abraham), He made His preparation to form His people Israel, where from the descendant of David, His only begotten Son, Jesus, will be born to fulfill His plan of Salvation.

Because of this, all of us who were save by Christ with His Blood are called upon to live in holiness, in order to unite with Jesus and receive the grace of salvation, and Me, as a Secular Carmelite, I am called upon to become a living example of how to live in unity with Jesus in the Secular world.

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