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Looking back at the turn of events in the past few months have just made me realized that it has been a very long time since I made a post to this blog of mine. Mainly due to some work that I was required to finish, and because of this, I myself is no longer aware of what has been happening around me.

Although I do remember hearing a news item about Bishops receiving "Pajeros" it did not sinked-in until just a few days ago and although it might be a little late, it is still my belief that I do need to make a blog out of it to atleast offer some observation on the matter.

Doing some researching on how it all began, I have stumbled upon some blogs and articles posted over the Internet which have not simply criticized the involved Bishops but had also stated hateful statements even though the issue in itself was not that clear. 

There were many write-ups coming from supposed knowledgeable people which is most of them simply claims that they believed in reason but have simply made an immediate judgment without even seeking and looking on the actual facts (talk about being reasonable).

Sad to say though, that even today, after the Bishops were vindicated by the Senators themselves, some people still insist to their own conclusion, to the point of justifying their claim, when the very person, PCSO Chairman Margarita Juico who have made their findings publicly admitted to the Senators conducting the investigation that the very information that  was released by the media regarding these Bishops receiving Pajeros were wrong. (Source)
Although she has insisted during the Senate Hearing that the she did not say that the Bishops have received Pajeros  which have resulted for the branding of these Bishops as "Pajero Bishops", videos and news articles dating back when the press conference were made says otherwise.
But how could she have made the mistake of stating that Pajeros were given by the PCSO to these Bishops when the truth is that the PCSO have a complete documentation of what were the actual donations and were these vehicles are to be used?

Did she actually read the report before the press conference or did she simply made an assumption? Or worst, was it deliberate to stir up public opinion, if so, for what reason?

Other Reports

In one interview that Sen Lacson gave with reporters, Sen Lacson have said that according to the documents in his possession, not only Bishops but even Solons have received allocations from PCSO, "with one lone district managing to have received 55 million with the date of the Board Resolution covering the election" he said. (Source)

The donations that the PCSO gave to the Bishops to buy five vehicles as COA have reported was only 6.94 Million Pesos, Sen Lacson in his interview have stated that a lone district got an allocation of 55 million Pesos within the election period, and yet most bloggers and some media outfit have simple singled out the 6.9 million donations that the Bishops have received from the PCSO and even focused on the words "Pajero Bishops" in their headlines when looking at it alone, the 6.9 million would not have been enough to buy three (3) of this Pajeros. (Source)

No matter what the reasons maybe, as to why? how? and what? one thing is for sure, the truth no matter how someone hides it will always come out, and when it does, the one who sided with the Truth will be set free, while the others who have hidden the truth will be caught in their very own web of deceit.

This event in my own belief has not divided the True Catholic Church, but have in fact revealed the intentions of deceit of a hidden enemy that continuously hides and waits for proper timing to release his venomous lies.  Eventually, the Truth that we beleive in shall always be there to shed light even on the most darkest path, it might not be in an immediate manner, but in His time, it will.

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