Friday, June 1, 2012

Six M's of Teresian Carmelites

As members of a Teresian Carmelite Secular Community, all of us are guided by six(6) guiding principles better known as our "six Ms". Which are:

  1. Mental Prayer - to fulfill our commitment of living in allegiance to Jesus Christ, we dedicate at least 30 minutes to an hour of our time everyday to God by quieting our selves and listening to Gods voice in silence.
  2. Mary - the Blessed Virgin Mary is the model of our faithfulness to the Lord and in service to Him and to others. 
  3. Mass - our participation to daily mass as much as possible, enriches our commitment to live a life of evangelical poverty, obedience and chastity.  
  4. Morning, Evening and if possible Night prayer - by our daily prayers  of the Liturgy of the Hours (LOH), we participate in the prayers of the Universal Church, ensuring that the world is unceasingly making daily offerings to God in prayers.  
  5. Meetings - our monthly meetings does not only allow us to develop camaraderie among our members, but is also allow us to develop our community spiritLearning to be at the side of the other, enlivening our love for our community and for others.   
  6. Mission - by following the individual mission given by God to each member of a Carmelite Secular Community, we seek "mysterious union with God", by way of this apostolic activity, indissolubly joined together for the service to the Church.


With excerpts from the OCDS Constitution and the OCDS Philippines Provincial Statutes.

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