Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An act of Nature?

Twice this year the Province of  Zambales and the City of Olongapo have suffered severe flooding that have cost the lost of lives and millions worth of damage to properties.  To some or maybe to many, they might simply refer to it as an act of nature or might even be referred to as an act of God.

One thing for sure though, God in the past have already made a covenant with Noah, that He will no longer allow the destruction of man through flood (Gen 9:9-11).  Given this then, maybe it's really an act of nature, or was it?

In the entire years of existence of this planet that we call Earth, there are indeed times were in, on its own, following the law that governs it have caused massive destructions. From movements of tectonic plates that caused massive earthquakes and giant waves that can wreak havoc on anything that block its path, to volcanic eruptions that can block the light that gives life to this planet.  These, I believe is indeed and definitely can be called an act of nature.  ('Less you start dropping a-bombs???)

The question that I would like to ask however is, "what about weather disturbances?"  Can the destructive power of a changing weather be considered to be an act of nature?  Scientifically, the answer would be a definite yes.  But given so, one must never forget that nature cannot act on its own desires, because nature, in itself is governed by laws,  laws with dynamic variables that the degree of destruction that nature can do depends on the degree of change in these variables.  Thus, if nature becomes more destructive, it simply means that a great change in any of the variables that governs it have caused it to be more destructive.  

What makes weather a little different then than the other act of nature that I have mentioned is that it is a type of natural occurrence that depends on variables that man can greatly alter. (I'm assuming that you have already heard the word "global warming"?)

Thus the question, and given With what we have been experiencing lately, can we really say that it is an act of nature?  In my humble opinion, it is still an act of nature who's effect could have been lessened if man would simply learn to lessen the variables that makes it more destructive than it should be... When will we ever learn?

My prayers to those who were greatly affected by this latest flooding and condolences to the families who have lost their love ones, and for those who keeps on advocating the use of fossil fuels that can greatly alter the variables that governs the weather system,  for them to realize that the weather is a natural force that man should not even attempt to gamble with nor play about. (Ma konsiyensiya ka sana!)

Your's in Christ,

Jov of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, OCDS

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